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I’ll tell you a little about who I am

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I would like to tell you a little about my career in the world of massages and in my life.

The passion that I have always felt for massage, for the world that exists in the skin, has led me to train in different techniques and types of massages.

The skin is our largest sensory organ and it stores all kinds of tensions, blockages and difficulties, which can end up generating problems. The skin is the mirror of the soul.

In my life, I have been learning Ayurveda massage, chiromassage, etc.

All with the intention of exploring the universe that exists on the skin and that affects us in our body, emotions and our soul.

Caress with exquisite care, feel the presence of my hands on your skin, to free you from so much tension that we accumulate over so many days of stress.

I have found that the release that occurs when we feel the skin again, the careful, loving touch, is very freeing.

It helps you live better.

I’ll wait for you so we can live it, if you want.

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I would like to introduce you to the different types of massages that I can offer you, with the highest quality and professionalism.